Flubit.com using credit/debit card.
Over 85% of these shoppers use mobile devices to place their orders.

Starting today, we are offering mobile device shoppers* MUE cashback on every card purchase & directing them to download and install the MonetaryUnit mobile wallet.

To grow adoption of MUE we have to show & attract non-crypto users to MUE and Flubit.com is the perfect platform to do this, not least because MUE users get the VERY BEST pricing.

Team MUE/Flubit are committed to growing the MUE ecosystem and look forward to introducing MUE to many tens of thousands of new users over the coming months.
People who would otherwise never have heard of MUE or even crypto.
Lets make it a great experience for them :)

Screenshots of this very simple process are below showing the post payment process.

Screen 1:

alt text

Screen 2:

alt text

*currently only available for Android users. iPhone users coming soon.


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