Dear all, I am very happy to announce that we have officially appointed the team to migrate MUE to a pivx/phore POS clone.

The team have been working with us the past few weeks whilst looking at our budget activation, and come highly recommended.

Just to be clear, the MUE parameters you have been used to will remain essentially unchanged i.e
MasterNodes require 500,000 MUE
40 MUE per block
40 second block times
18 MUE to MasterNodes
18 MUE to POS
4 MUE to budget funding

In addition we will have the zerocoin privacy function & segwit for increased number of transactions.

We are expecting this work to be complete in the next 3-5 weeks.

I want to thank you all for supporting us. Not just the crowdfunding campaign of course, which will be vital in this move to POS, but offers of help, words of support, and not being bitchy (in the most part! ;) )

This project means a lot to me and the team, and we take the responsibility of running this project very seriously.
We will continue to do our best in the interests of this community & this project.

I'm very excited about this move to POS, the security benefits, the budgets, and the wallet staking giving everyone a chance to benefit from holding MUE!

Byon & Team MUE