• BizzyB

    Dear all, I am very happy to announce that we have officially appointed the phore.io team to migrate MUE to a pivx/phore POS clone.

    The phore.io team have been working with us the past few weeks whilst looking at our budget activation, and come highly recommended.

    Just to be clear, the MUE parameters you have been used to will remain essentially unchanged i.e
    MasterNodes require 500,000 MUE
    40 MUE per block
    40 second block times
    18 MUE to MasterNodes
    18 MUE to POS
    4 MUE to budget funding

    In addition we will have the zerocoin privacy function & segwit for increased number of transactions.

    We are expecting this work to be complete in the next 3-5 weeks.

    I want to thank you all for supporting us. Not just the crowdfunding campaign of course, which will be vital in this move to POS, but offers of help, words of support, and not being bitchy (in the most part! ;) )

    This project means a lot to me and the team, and we take the responsibility of running this project very seriously.
    We will continue to do our best in the interests of this community & this project.

    I'm very excited about this move to POS, the security benefits, the budgets, and the wallet staking giving everyone a chance to benefit from holding MUE!

    Byon & Team MUE

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  • BizzyB

    Dear MUE community, we have suffered a huge attack on the network.
    It appears to have been a kind of replay/re-organisation attack POW coins have been victim of in recent months and that was able to obtain MUE in the millions.

    We have decided on immediate action/resolution.
    As per the community vote some weeks back in which 57% voted for a move to a POS (proof of stake) coin with MasterNodes & budgets, that is exactly what we are going to do.

    We will perform a coin swap 1:1 for all transactions up to and including block 833658

    This is the last block that was accepted for deposits/withdrawals with Bittrex & also means the attacker will get NOTHING as the attacks happened after this block.

    The move to POS was something the team were looking at doing at some point, this has just aided our decision to make this happen sooner.

    We ask you, please DO NOT move your coins or mine.

    We sincerely apologise for this attack, we thank you for your support, and we will continue to do our absolute best for this project and its community.

    Team MUE

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  • BizzyB

    Please DO NOT move your $MUE, and please STOP MINING!
    Announcement coming soon.

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  • BizzyB

    OK so a quick summary.

    1. We expect to Beta launch crypto integration into Flubit in 2 weeks.

    2. We've launched explorer.monetaryunit.org, a vital tool to build more exciting infrastructure around MUE, plus its a nice explorer.

    3. We're developing gov.monetaryunit.org which will be the visual proposal creating & monitoring tool. This is V1, V2 coming soon is much improved. We have obtained the exclusive rights to this platform.

    4. CryptoFeed.io V1 is live with V2 coming soon, and with an extensive roadmap associated with it. We have obtained the exclusive rights to this platform.

    5. We have two teams looking at the wallet development.
      Team 1 are already running a testnet with MasterNodes, creating & submitting proposals and going through everything else. Things are, at the moment, looking fantastic, however, bugs can crop up at any time to put a halt to everything.
      Team 2 have had an overall look, and we are awaiting a proposal from them. They are open to collaborating with Team 1 at anytime should Team 1 require specific help.

    6. The StartMy campaign has been amended, and we are requesting funding ONLY for the wallet development. Target goal is $30k.
      Please help with that.

    7. We have secured 500gh of mining equipment to help secure the network, most of which are currently backboning weminemue awaiting more equipment to go online this week.

    8. Testing MUE integration on Trezor is underway and is going very well. There is 1 bug left to fix I believe.

    9. Coinomi integration is going well, and we hope this to be complete before the year is out.

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  • BizzyB

    We now have an official discord.
    Please join us here https://discord.gg/5PD3X7G
    Our Slack will be closed down over the coming weeks.

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  • BizzyB

    Hi, unfortunately you've missed your opportunity to swap old mue for new mue.
    As you can read in this forum (and other places) you missed the opportunity to swap which occurred between June 25th 2017 and November 19th 2017 (5 months).

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  • BizzyB

    This bounty is still open.
    Plenty of money to be made, and still hundreds of merchants still to be signed up :)

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  • BizzyB

    Final burn has been completed.

    All pre-mine has been distributed for swaps or burnt.

    Staged burn is now complete.

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  • BizzyB

    6,000,000 coins burnt

    The remaining 5.9 million will be burnt over the next 7-10 days

    This is the burn wallet address


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