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    As part of the wider strategy for mass adoption of MonetaryUnit (MUE) we have today launched the next stage of this campaign.

    Every year 10's of thousands of shoppers buy products from Flubit.com using credit/debit card.
    Over 85% of these shoppers use mobile devices to place their orders.

    Starting today, we are offering mobile device shoppers* MUE cashback on every card purchase & directing them to download and install the MonetaryUnit mobile wallet.

    To grow adoption of MUE we have to show & attract non-crypto users to MUE and Flubit.com is the perfect platform to do this, not least because MUE users get the VERY BEST pricing.

    Team MUE/Flubit are committed to growing the MUE ecosystem and look forward to introducing MUE to many tens of thousands of new users over the coming months.
    People who would otherwise never have heard of MUE or even crypto.
    Lets make it a great experience for them :)

    Screenshots of this very simple process are below showing the post payment process.

    Screen 1:

    alt text

    Screen 2:

    alt text

    *currently only available for Android users. iPhone users coming soon.

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    MN operators, to vote yes, please copy and paste this into your debug console

    mnbudgetvote many 3f4cb880041069e52c7f12028aa9e344963599b743332b155526ee612ac65444 yes

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    `This proposal is for the next 6 budget cycles.
    120,000 MUE each cycle (14 days) for the next 6 cycles, making a total of 720,000 MUE.

    The MUE project has many costs to keep it not only running on a day to day basis, but more importantly building and growing it.
    This proposal is the request for project funding for the next 3 months.
    The funds from this proposal, based on current prices do NOT pay to keep the project running, but do contribute significantly.
    Until the MUE price is of a $ price of around $0.07 to fully sustain the projects costs, this proposal will be requested every quarter for renewal to keep the project running.
    As for the past 4+ years the remaining costs will be covered in the main part by myself & some of the core team, and as always any donations would be very welcome (pm @Byron#7437 in discord - Byron#7437).

    For those of you with little experience/knowledge of running a large multi-million dollar project like this, costs are multiple and large, examples of which are;
    Dev payments
    (It's important to note none of the core team have ever been paid - in time it is only right this changes)
    Server costs
    Back up solutions
    3rd party service fees
    Design fees
    Legal costs (our last legal bill was $20k for compliance)
    Conferences (CoinFest UK 2019 - at current price requires 480,000 MUE)
    Promotional materials

    For those of you with concerns that other people cannot make proposals, we ask you check out StartMy.io which was created to cater for these very circumstances, and unlike budget proposals does not require 500 MUE fee.
    We will also allocate UPTO 10% of our budget fund to donate to worthy campaigns on StartMy.io which in turn will help grow that platform.

    Without allocating these funds to the project we cannot continue to grow and show the rest of the world that we are not afraid to "be the first" to do things, or push the boundaries, or try to do better than has come before.
    But not just that, because, without these funds the day to day operations of the project, the devs who work so hard for us and its wider ecosystem will be severely affected.

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    HUGE $MUE only deals on #blackfriday deals on Flubit.com running til Nov 26th
    a MASSIVE 10% off available for $MUE users

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    I'm very happy to announce the "MUE Flubit Elite pass".
    Get a MASSIVE 50% discount off the standard annual rate!

    The MUE Flubit Elite pass will give you 12 months of even BETTER pricing on Flubit.com, with a discount of over 5% on EVERY item!
    Is this available for credit card users? No
    Is this available for Bitcoin users? No
    How about Ethereum users? NO!!

    The MUE Flubit Elite annual pass is ONLY for MUE users and gives you a HUGE 50% discount off the Flubit Elite annual price - but there is a catch ;)
    You HAVE to pay in MUE :D

    We are working on even more MUE only benefits on Flubit.com, the worlds largest crypto enabled marketplace

    Just visit

    https://Flubit.com/elite for more info

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    I'm very happy to announce the appointment of @Moonshot | phore.io as MUE technical advisor.
    This retained position will help guide MUEs technology moving forward, keeping our code not only up to date, but also advising us on technology progression moving forward.
    So, expect to see updates in our github and new wallet versions moving forward. For those of you unaware, moonshot and team phore.io were appointed for the transition to POS, and did it in what must be record time, so there is already an established & proven track record.
    We're very happy to have moonshot on-board and look forward to the benefits his wealth of crypto & commercial experience will bring to the project.

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    We need some explainer videos creating.

    1. Downloading the wallet, installing, adding nodes
    2. Staking
    3. About MUE
    4. Navigating our sites
      and others too :)

    1000 MUE per vid

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    Team Flubit/MUE are very happy to announce the live beta launch of crypto integration into https://flubit.com.

    You can now buy millions of products, across hundreds of categories from thousands of suppliers and checkout in crypto.
    We have partnered with several logistics suppliers and you can also have your orders delivered globally.
    This is nothing less than a game changer for crypto.

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    We have a nice simple staking calculator now available at https://www.monetaryunit.org/calculator/ (improvements coming soon)

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