Flubit.com user account now has access to a unique white-labelled MUE Wallet right within their browser; this enables them to easily buy MUE (branded as Flubit Points) in a few clicks, and make significant savings (20%+) when they use points at checkout. No longer are users required to download/install crypto wallets, everything is seamless within their account.

Here are the key benefits to the end user

Act as loyalty points/rewards, something already familiar with the every-day shopper. Easily obtained/purchased by traditional checkout (via credit card) in a few clicks. After purchase the points immediately show inside your user-account, no downloads needed. Provide users with 20%+ savings on every item they buy on Flubit.com No mention of blockchain or crypto - the end user has no idea Flubit Points are any different to any other loyalty points scheme, (apart from the massive savings they receive of course)! No need to download external apps or mobile wallets, the user’s points are kept as part of their Flubit.com account. "Advanced" users have the option to "withdraw" their Flubit Points into their MUE wallet - Flubit Points are equivalent to MUE 1:1. Likewise, users can always send their MUE to their Flubit Points Wallet using a dedicated MUE address. Provide multiple opportunities to obtain more points by referring friends/family & completing tasks e.g tweets, FaceBook posts, "levelling up" their account, reviewing items etc You can even send friends and family Flubit Points by using their email address, just like PayPal! Never expire and can be purchased anytime and spent to save 20% instantly on over 12 million products.

As a traditional e-commerce platform, Flubit.com will continue to accept Credit/Debit card payments, and of course we will continue to accept crypto payments, with MUE users receiving the same significant discounts as Flubit Points holders.

If you love what we're doing and want to help us grow, we are offering equity in all our commercial activities, more details available here : https://www.monetaryunit.com/support-mue


website design agency in Mumbai helps you to get an SSL Certificate . Use HTTPS Encryption :
• Once you have installed SSL Certificate your website qualifies for HTTPS Encryption.
• An HTTPS certificate should be renewed every year. Create Secure Passwords :
• Only setting a unique password is not enough, you need to come up with passwords that are not used anywhere and store them outside the website directory so that it is not easily available to the hacker easily.
• For Example, you should use a 16- digit jumbled number and letters as a password. You should store the password in an offline file on a different computer or hard drive. Hide Your Admin Folders :
• We have various options to hide the admin folders. One of the best options is re-naming the folder to some boring name such as FOLDER-1, FOLDER-2, etc. This becomes difficult for the hacker to locate the file and hack the website. And even your website is secured. Keep Error Massage Simple :
• If our error message gives away any information, then the hackers can get information about the root directory. And through this, they can exploit the website and add virus into it.
• So instead of giving away many details, we should just keep it simple and should write 404 errors or the site is unreachable. Always Hash Password :
• If we store passwords on our website make sure that it is stored in HASH format. This format makes sure that the hacker is not able to locate where and what is the password.
• If the password is stored in plain text format then the hackers can easily locate is and misuse the password.
B-Webdesign Mumbai is also considered as one of the best website design company in Mumbai which offers dynamic website designs according to the clients requirement.


jobinconsultancy also helps candidate find job in a reputed company. To advertise it, they need professional marketing consultants and executives who can work for them. In the present-day era, the term marketing isn’t about making calls and promoting the product in order to sell it. There’s a lot more than people think. Making a career in marketing is not a tough job.

There are different roles in this vast industry and the ones fit for the role are provided an opportunity. Previously, job titles like SEO consultant, SMO consultant, email marketer etc., didn’t exist for people. They just knew about the telecalling department portrayed as a team of hard workers making calls throughout the day. Times have changed and so the scenario of marketing. Today, there’s a huge scope for all those who want to make a career in marketing, whether digital or traditional. So in this era payroll management companies in mumbai can also help both candidate as well as company to find the right candidate for them. Here’s how.

• Sales Department
The sales department is the most common field as it provides an opportunity to engage directly with the client. It deals in facilitating clients by providing them with the solution they need by making the best use of skills a person has developed as a part of the marketing major. The sales department is a natural fit for all individuals that enjoy an extrovert client-facing role.

• Product Management Department
A major possible career in the field of marketing is product management. This department is responsible for managing the record of a particular product that is utilized in the key areas for development & marketing. Individuals who work as a product manager are responsible for creating the roadmap, designing marketing strategies, and forecasting the possible outcomes.

• Consulting Department
Consulting department is the abode of think tanks that assist in identifying & tackling the marketing challenges. Not only this, but a recruitment firm and that too in the marketing industry lends, a helping hand for designing and executive the right strategy for flourishing the business.

The departments listed above work in sync for producing the best result for a company/brand. Their work is interconnected with the fields of digital and traditional marketing, HR recruiters also work for free job consultancy in mumbai for freshers which is further bifurcated into departments like advertising, public relations, brand management, e-commerce marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and others. In a nutshell, a gamut of these departments plays a key role in promoting a brand among its consumers.

• Promotions in Marketing Jobs
Let’s debunk a myth that states there are no promotions in the field of marketing. Apart from incentives and other perks, promotion is offered to talented team-mates whose extraordinary performance made him/her stand out from the rest. In every department of marketing, employees get a promotion on the basis of their performance. In short all the best placement agencies in mumbai have a promotion area based on the performance. Marketing jobs in India offer promotions like a senior marketing consultant, marketing management, assistant marketing manager, marketing director (department wise), public relation assistant manager, public relation manager, telemarketing manager, telemarketing assistant manager etc.

• A Career in Marketing Can Take You To Different Directions
Marketing jobs can lead to different fields that will help you to gain better exposure. In order to be a successful marketer, it is your call how you would understand the requirement and preference of the target customers. One can accomplish a lot in the field of marketing, whether digital or traditional, after understanding the key concepts and grasping the requirement of targeted consumers.

Making a career in marketing is not tough for anyone. There are many best recruitment consultancy which can help you to make a successful career in Marketing field. You can effortlessly make a stable career in marketing if you possess the right skill set and confidence to pave your path in this evolving industry.


StartMy.io which was created to cater for these very circumstances, and unlike budget proposals does not require 500 MUE fee.
We will also allocate UPTO 10% of our budget fund to donate to worthy campaigns on StartMy.io which in turn will help grow that platform.

Without allocating these funds to the project we cannot continue to grow and show the rest of the world that we are not afraid to "be the first" to do things, or push the boundaries, or try to do better than has come before.
But not just that, because, without these funds the day to day operations of the project, the devs who work so hard for us and its wider ecosystem will be severely affected.

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