ForgingBlock .

A hybrid payment gateway for credit card, apple pay, and Cryptocurrency Gateway provider. We like your product and would like to discuss further to build partnership.

We can help the project to increase use cases by encouraging supporters to use MUE for daily usage.

MONETARYUNIT (MUE) will be available for use of our API’s, E-commerce plugins, and Widget, Merchants Dashboard and Wallets to allow businesses to accept payments in your coin.

We would really like to have a partnership with you and would like to see MONETARYUNIT (MUE) reach new heights in terms of use-cases and user base growth. We have 5 shopify carts ready to be integrated with MUE coin into merchant systems and shopify is upcoming shortly. We do believe that diverse use-case of MUE coin will lead to massive adoption of MUE coin.

If you are interested in our proposal, please give us a reply so we can send you proposals.

Contact: [email protected]; [email protected]



@roslinpl Hey dude ! Tonight, today, this time? I'm kidding ^^

Just good luck, see you on the other side !

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