Flubit.com and MonetaryUnit (MUE) teams link up to develop deeper crypto adoption world-wide.

Today MonetaryUnit are pleased to announce that the two separate teams will be collaborating together on MUE and Flubit.com commercial projects from 2019 and onwards.

“Over the last 6 months we’ve focussed on positioning Flubit.com as the world’s leading eCommerce marketplace for accepting Crypto payments” says Byron Barnard, founder of MonetaryUnit. “Now Team MUE are excited to announce that the Flubit.com commercial team will be working alongside us as we drive a singular vision for the future of MUE. The Flubit.com team bring years of commercial and product success, and these learnings provide us with increased opportunities for global adoption of MUE as a cryptocurrency and the continued success of the MUE projects.”, Barnard continued.

MonetaryUnit was founded as a decentralised, self-sustaining and self-governed cryptocurrency project. Its focus is to create a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology that would be accessible to all and free from the stigma that the blockchain space is only for techies. Over the years, it has delivered key, sustainable, projects which have enabled the general public to enter the crypto market. The MUE ecosystem currently consists of Flubit.com, MonetaryUnit.org, MUEX.io, StartMy.io, CoinBuy.io and CryptoFeed.io.

In the spring of 2018, MonetaryUnit acquired Flubit.com with a view to making a bold statement in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. With the Flubit.com team’s commercial experience, and MonetaryUnit's expertise with cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, small businesses (SMEs) have already been empowered to sell their items to a whole new market. Up until now, there has been $15BN/day volume of trade running through cryptocurrency which current online sellers (selling perhaps on Amazon and eBay) simply couldn’t reach.

Proprietary technologies and processes have already been built by the teams to handle the immediate exchange between crypto and fiat payments, which has allowed sellers to receive crypto orders without needing to deal with crypto payments themselves. On Flubit.com, this seamless operation enables sellers to interact with the platform in a risk-free manner, avoiding market-price fluctuations, whilst still being able (for the first time) to reach this untapped market.

“As part of the initial collaboration effort we have already been able to reduce prices on the platform by an additional 10-15% when MUE (MonetaryUnit Coin) is used to pay for goods”, says Bertie Stephens, CEO of Flubit.com. “As we enter 2019, we are looking forward to seeing MUE prosper as our platform starts interacting more heavily with the current MUE ecosystem. With the significant experience the MUE team have in the crypto market, we are excited to bridge the gap between blockchain and commercial products.” Stephens added.

Moving into 2019, the project continues to build exciting new blockchain and crypto processes, blending traditional shopping with new-world technologies, growing adoption for both small business, crypto, and non-crypto users. With the announcement today, the blockchain space no longer only benefits techies, but is also the wallet of me, you and everyone.