1. Extensive keyword Research
Keyword research is one of the most important element in SEO. If there is lack of quality in keyword research, then you won’t be able to get the customers you are targeting. We can use various tools like Google AdWords , Keyword Planner, Google Trends.

2. On Site Optimization
In this step it makes the content easily available to the customers . We should mainly focus on various factors such as URLs , tags, headings , sitemaps, image optimisation , etc.

3. Website Loading Time
This is one of the most important factor in an E-Commerce website. In this you would require expert company like website design and development company in Mumbai which can ,help you in reducing the load time improves the speed and user experience. This directly reduces the bounce rate. If the loading time is reduced then , the number of customers will directly increase which will increase the revenue of the company.

4. Removal Of Duplicate Content
Removing duplicate content is an important factor, because sometimes there are multiple URLs are generated and Google is confused which one should Google rank. Even we can use canonical tags which help in detecting this factor.

5. Establish Multiple Source of Traffic
Only On-Page SEO does not work . It mainly takes time to generate results, so we need to take efforts and generate traffic to the website through various factors such as Blogs, Guest Blogging , Social Media Marketing, etc.

6. Domain Authority
The experts of website design company in Mumbai, can help in increasing Domain Authority. There are multiple ways to improve the ranking such as On-page optimisation, number of links created on Site with high Domain Authority.

7. Optimisation of Social Media Resources
This helps in building users at a faster rate. In today’s world people are mainly tech savy, and you will be able to establish you links at a faster rate. You can create your account on site like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Pintrest.

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