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Download your favorite files using Torrent and Filehost Downloader from over 50+ supported hosters and save them in your Private cloud storage with a MaxSpeedbox account!.

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Torrent & Filehost Downloader
Maxspeedbox is an online service that allows you to anonymously transfer files from the BitTorrent network and the major filehosters to our servers and then download them to your own PC with maximum speed, bypassing ISP restrictions, easily and hassle free!

Private Cloud Storage & Advanced File Manager
The file manager is fast, flexible and feature rich. Each user which signs up for an account will have their own Private storage & file manager. We supply you with all the tools necessary to easily store and manage your files.

Media Player, Document Viewer & More
Watch your video files (MP4, WMV, FLV, etc..) or view documents such as PDF, DOCX, XLS, and more supported formats before needed to download them into your PC. With all the inclusive functionality, you can easily customize your files or even share your files to your friends and family!

What you can do with

  • Download torrent/magnet files
  • Download Filehosters files (rapidgator, 1fichier, turbobit, openload & more)
  • Seed Torrents
  • Stream Video Files
  • Upload & Download Files
  • Securely Transfer Files
  • WebDav Sync for IOS & Android
  • Share Files
  • Backup Files
  • many more..

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