Surge is abnormal increase in current and voltage for an extremely dumpy period of time duration of 8/20 microsecond. When power build a quick and short jump for any of variety of causes, producing rapid variation in voltage can dangerously damage delicate circuits. A surge protector devices is electrical appliance designed to protect Electrical devices and valuable Electronic equipment from damaging effects of spikes or surges by disruptive it in the source voltage from reaching the devices plugged into them. Surge Arrester ensures protection against electromagnetic impulses from lightning and to the electrical and electronic appliances placed on the building structures. Nowadays all electrical & electronic components are more sensitive to power disturbances by reason of development in technology and the need for protection for these equipment's is much required. JMV LPS Limited manufactures high quality and cost effective commercial, industrial and residential Surge Arresters in India design with modern technology and innovative features for sensitive electronic equipment's. Extend the life of your valuable electronics which are most susceptible to power quality disturbances with are reliable.