In fact, the contraceptive pill is available to women here due to its several benefits beyond protection from pregnancy, like painful periods and skin issues.

What isn’t available for women here is the emergency contraception pill – more on this is explained in our guide below.
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To help ensure you’re clued-up about what’s available to you in Dubai and the UAE, here’s our guide to birth control and the contraceptive pill in Dubai…

There are over 20 types of birth control and contraceptive pills registered and available to women in the UAE. Here in Dubai, you’ll find Yasmin, Yaz, Diane, Belara, Marvelon, Gynera, Logynon and Cerazette.

You can double check if your brand of pill is available by using the search function on the

Sex is prohibited outside of marriage in the UAE, and therefore, it is illegal for unmarried women to obtain prescription birth control pills and any other method of contraception.

But, you can obtain contraceptive pills in the UAE to help treat conditions like heavy periods and acne over the counter, without the need for a prescription.

It is, however, advisable that you see a doctor before taking contraceptive pills in the UAE to avoid any potential health issues you might encounter.

Buy contraceptive pill in dubai, Birth control can be purchased over the counter in Dubai pharmacies and thus it has become increasingly easier for women to seek contraceptive options, and treatment for acne or periods.
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Despite being available or not, women should see a doctor before starting the pill for the first time, or changing to a different pill… As not all pills are suitable for all women.

Yes, you are able to bring the contraceptive pill from your home country into the UAE without the need for the original prescription.

As well as the popular contraceptive pill, there are other methods of preventing pregnancy available in the country.

Discuss these options with your doctor – barrier methods available include diaphragms and condoms. For hormonal contraceptions like the pill, opt for a vaginal ring or injection. IUDs are also available for long-acting, adjustable contraception.