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No less than 180 species of garcinia grow in tropical Asia, Africa and Polynesia, of which only 30 in India. In some parts of this country, edible vegetable oil is obtained from the seed of Garcinia cambogia . The rind of the fruit is used to prepare a seasoning used in Indian and Thai cuisine. This preparation is a substitute for tamarind ( Tamarindus indica ), used as a condiment. The bark, administered as a decoction, is used to treat rheumatism and gastrointestinal disorders. In veterinary medicine, this decoction is used to treat oral diseases in cattle.

In vitro and animal studies indicate that hydroxycitric acid (HCA), the active ingredient in garcinia, inhibits the action of an enzyme essential for fat synthesis 1 . This substance could, therefore, prevent the storage of fat in the body, especially when following a diet high in carbohydrates.

Uncertain effectiveness Weightloss. In 2004, the authors of a systematic review looked at natural products used to promote weight loss. According to them, the data on garcinia extracts was promising, but still to be confirmed 2 . They analyzed the results of four double-blind trials conducted on 324 subjects suffering from excess weight. Participants received 1.3 g to 3 g of AHC extract or a placebo over a period of 8 or 12 weeks. Three of these trials gave positive results, but those in a study published in 1998 (135 subjects) were inconclusive 3. However, this study has been criticized, because the participants had to consume a diet rich in fiber, which can prevent the gastrointestinal absorption of HCA and therefore negate its beneficial effect 1 (see Our pharmacist’s opinion on this subject ).

Garcinia cambogia products are amongst the most popular dietary supplements used to shed extra pounds.

These supplements are marketed as a way to drop weight fast, but many wonder whether they’re as effective for weight loss as some companies claim.

Plus, the safety of garcinia cambogia has been called into question by some experts, leaving consumers concerned about the potential risks of taking this controversial supplement (1Trusted Source).

This article reviews garcinia cambogia and whether it’s effective.