EssayPro's prices are very affordable. EssayPro offers a fast turnaround time of 5 days and a $11 per page price. There's a trick to it: It's the minimum cost.
This is a bidding site. Good writers are not the type of people who would bid so low. Wait, after using this service for the first time, I have to say that I am not convinced there are any great writers. However, they still charge a high price.
You'll find mixed reviews when you search online for Essay Pro reviews. Every customer has their own requirements. This may be a good option for high school students. EssayPro could be a disaster for any project that demands higher quality.
Let's get to the details. I placed an order on this website. I'll let you know how it went.
Services Review
All bidding services offer a wide range of services. The writers are able to make offers on any order, so you can order whatever you want.
You can order a complete dissertation within twelve hours. It doesn't necessarily mean that anyone will bid for it. Your project might not be liked by everyone. Even if you do get bids, it is unlikely that they will come from qualified writers.
I looked at the profiles of many writers. Elite Writer, a writer who is described as an "intelligent, smart, and dedicated professional essay author", has published on subjects ranging from medicine and health to engineering and computer sciences. He also writes about agriculture, physical science, architecture and other niches that have little in common. The writer's education is not available. The rating that these writers receive is fake, according to me. My writer was given one star. This didn't impact the way their "performance" was displayed on the website.
Prices Review
For essays with a two-week deadline, the minimum price is $11 per webpage. To see a flexible price, you cannot select the quality level. The deadline does not affect the minimum price. It's $17 for a deadline of 6 hours.
I placed an order for an essay that would be due in two days. This type of order has a minimum price of $13. But, I didn't get a bid this low. The lowest price was $25 per page. This is still very affordable. Just to be clear, students might be misled by initial expectations.
This website does not offer any discounts. You can select a writer that fits your budget if you are looking for the lowest price. But don't expect huge quality.
Quality of Content
I selected a writer who offered $37 per web page. Although it is a steep price for this service, he seemed to be the most experienced.
EssayPro does not provide any information about its writers. I was very disappointed to find that the "About Me" section of EssayPro contained a large amount of text from the writer I chose. It's all about me, me and me. He constantly talks about how great he's, but he doesn't give any details on his actual qualifications.
The only positive thing was that the order arrived on time. He was able to finish the essay in two days. This was his only accomplishment. The content was a complete disaster in terms of quality.
This was an essay that I had written for MA level. I chose Humanities as the topic. I was expecting at most average work because the writer's profile had a lot of activity in this niche. It didn't look like an essay. It did not have a thesis statement.
The paragraphs were not balanced and there were too few of them. It was a Reddit posting. It was a Reddit post. GloalHack has another point of view -
Customer Support Agents
You are expected to receive all support from the writer. EssayPro allows you to reach out to your writer, just like other bidding platforms. Problem is that writers take too much time to reply. My writer may have been in another time zone. I got his responses at a strange time. Communication was poor. The writer did not respond to my complaints about the quality of the writing.
Essay Pro Reviews - Final Thoughts
EssayPro was disappointing for me. My paper was not completed by the writer. He placed a high-bid and promised great content. EssayPro hires writers who don’t understand what essays are.

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