There are many bidet attachment available in the market, so how do you choose? We've listed our top 5 picks so you can choose the right one for your toilet. Bidets are rapidly gaining popularity, after the pandemic, the toilet paper shortage encouraged many to take the plunge and shift to these wondrous devices. They are a great alternative to toilet paper on both hygiene and environmental level. What happens with using dry toilet paper is that you’re essentially leaving stool and bacteria hanging, but with the use of a bidet, you wash it all away. Bidets and bidet attachments are a game changer, no need to use those abrasive rash-causing toilet papers anymore, convert now. ![alt text](0_1658902303227_a9084b91-9f49-4bc9-ae7c-e48959ce0947-best-bidet-attachment-15.jpg image url)