Let’s take a look at the most outstanding modern mansions from around the world. Each of the listed mansions is unique & gives a new definition to architecture.

Don’t we all dream of living in luxury modern mansions? From French-style mansions to futuristic designs, the creativity that goes into designing these modern mansions is unmatched. One can truly experience the comfort of living along with the one-of-its-kind design sensibilities.

A big modern house offers an experience of a 5-star hotel that comes with nothing less than a personalized retreat experience. There’s much more than glass, concrete, and wood that goes into building these mansions. What defines them is the sense of elegance and luxury that’s exuded within the built environment. Let’s look into the most outstanding modern mansions from around the world.

Antilia– Mumbai, India
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Source: architecturesstyle.com

One of the greatest modern mansions is the house of Indian business tycoon– Mukesh Ambani. The mansion is leveled across 27 floors and reaches 173m in its height. This private mansion is everything one dreams of with literally every posh amenity present inside the house.

Apart from the private spaces, this big house also accommodates a home theatre, 3 helipads, spa, temple, and terrace gardens. It is the biggest and costliest luxury modern mansion across the globe.
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