OK so a quick summary.

  1. We expect to Beta launch crypto integration into Flubit in 2 weeks.

  2. We've launched explorer.monetaryunit.org, a vital tool to build more exciting infrastructure around MUE, plus its a nice explorer.

  3. We're developing gov.monetaryunit.org which will be the visual proposal creating & monitoring tool. This is V1, V2 coming soon is much improved. We have obtained the exclusive rights to this platform.

  4. CryptoFeed.io V1 is live with V2 coming soon, and with an extensive roadmap associated with it. We have obtained the exclusive rights to this platform.

  5. We have two teams looking at the wallet development.
    Team 1 are already running a testnet with MasterNodes, creating & submitting proposals and going through everything else. Things are, at the moment, looking fantastic, however, bugs can crop up at any time to put a halt to everything.
    Team 2 have had an overall look, and we are awaiting a proposal from them. They are open to collaborating with Team 1 at anytime should Team 1 require specific help.

  6. The StartMy campaign has been amended, and we are requesting funding ONLY for the wallet development. Target goal is $30k.
    Please help with that.

  7. We have secured 500gh of mining equipment to help secure the network, most of which are currently backboning weminemue awaiting more equipment to go online this week.

  8. Testing MUE integration on Trezor is underway and is going very well. There is 1 bug left to fix I believe.

  9. Coinomi integration is going well, and we hope this to be complete before the year is out.