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    Hi all, welcome to the MUE forum.

    The aim of this forum is mainly for proposal discussion & announcements.

    Feel free to use this general section for anything else, though we also have Slack for that sort of thing

    Number 1 rule, be respectful :)

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    Hi we have enabled 2fa for your added security.

    Please go to your profile > more > two-factor authentication

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    The MUE vision

    • Benefit crypto as a whole whilst targeting MUE specifically.

    • Build a network of mutually beneficial services & apps with underlying loyalty schemes.

    • Create value added innovative services to attract & retain new users.

    BizzyB aka ByronB; I launched MonetaryUnit over 4 years ago, initially sat on my own, at my desk, CPU mining.

    How things have changed.

    The project now has a great team of people and a great, growing community.

    We have

    • Over 500 people registered in Discord
    • Over 16,000 Twitter followers
    • 210 page ANN thread on BitcoinTalk
    • 84 MasterNodes spread over 13 countries
    • $5,000,000 + Market Cap
    • Up to $2,000,000 of daily trading volume
    • Team of developers & management
    • Several world firsts for crypto ;
      First multi-crypto crowdfunding website StartMy.IO
      Worlds first instantly activated MasterNode shares service MyMUE.com
      Worlds biggest crypto accepting marketplace Flubit.com

    When I read back over, it blows me away, but it is only the start for what my vision for MUE is.

    Where we are right now is a fantastic platform to build from. We will soon activate the budget & governance system & this will bring in around $10,000+ per month to fund the project with democratically approved proposals. Read that again. That is OVER $120,000 per year !
    Now picture what that sort of investment, when well allocated, will bring to the project, considering what has been achieved through voluntary work and self funding.

    How does this all tie into the "vision"?

    MUE, Me, U, Everyone.
    MUE can help itself grow, whilst also helping the individual and also all those around it.
    When we look at a new service offering we think to ourselves "How can we make this benefit other crypto users whilst also offering a premium service to MonetaryUnit holders".
    The crypto space is fiercely competitive, but rather than fight it, we want to embrace it and we want to attract as wide an audience as possible, as often as we can with every service.
    A big part of the vision is bringing benefit to crypto as a whole, and where possible we will do this.

    Real world use is the driving force.
    As a team, we make sure the technology underlying our wallet & network code is robust.
    We do not however, plan to make that our USP (Unique Selling Point).
    Whilst stable & resilient wallets & networks are imperative, our public focus is in creating "must have" services that mutually benefit each other, & create a wide portfolio that is extremely attractive to the existing, but also new users.
    This portfolio will eventually have an underlying loyalty scheme, most likely "Go Shopping" points aka GSpoints. These will be accumulated when buying and using our services, and can then be redeemed for discounts or perks across our network & even bought as physical "cards"

    Retention through innovation
    By creating services that can be used by many crypto communities we broaden our market.
    By offering loyalty schemes and not confusing the end user with technology, we reduce barriers to entry.
    We then have to offer interesting & exciting services to both attract new users, but also retain those new users and the existing community base.
    Even with the best marketing team in the world, we would not be able to retain users if we have nothing to offer them.
    So that is what we do. We see what gaps are in the market, and try where possible to fill those gaps, and soon, with the budget available to us, we will be able to ramp up every aspect of what we do.

    As a team we are dedicated to making MUE the best we can, whilst also being a role model for others to follow in how to be a good crypto citizen.

    Follow us:
    Discord - http://discord.gg/5PD3X7G
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/MonetaryUnit
    Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=778322

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    Just to let you all know we are still working hard (to be fair mainly @bbobb ) on addressing the attacks and forks.
    To put things in perspective, yesterday we were attacked by a 10 TH sustained attack.
    If you were to rent 10 TH, that would cost about $8k per hour!!
    So, someone is quite obsessed with us for some reason.
    As you can see, the block speed has improved the past couple of days ( https://chainz.cryptoid.info/mue/#!overview )thanks to the work of @bbobb @pjcltd & @c4 , so progress is being made,
    but as you can expect, this is delaying lots of other things like bringing budget proposals online and other things
    The work continues and things should continue to improve over the coming days.
    Thank you for your continued support & patience.

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    @sotblad said in emojis - why they no work :(:

    "use_port" on the config should be changed from true to false!
    That's it!

    @pjcltd there's the fix sir

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    As we currently have intentionally slow blocks, we thought it would be a good gesture to pay out bonuses to MasterNodes (to miners is very difficult hence not done)

    As previously announced https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=778322.msg19947857#msg19947857

    The 2 last MNs in the payout queue get paid a bonus whilst they wait their turn in the payout queue to earn the 18 MUE block reward.

    MasterNode "shares" holders at MyMUE.com also benefit, as these bonuses are distributed to them too.

    As you can see from this bonus wallet address

    over 15k MUE has been allocated to this address !

    14k of this was from funds generated by the MUE foundation prior to the network going live & public.
    As you can see from here, we intentionally forced zero block reward initially for the 23rd & 24th June 2017 and then payments kicked in on the 25th

    The plan is to shift this down slowly as the network speed increases with upcoming updates. If you would like to add to this payout fund, feel free to send to 7ZTAapSsrBaBHwpiuvEQ2EcS6dkrtqHNSt

    Many thanks

    B & team MUE

    alt text

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  • BizzyB

    If you are interested in obtaining equity in the world's largest crypto enabled marketplace then we'd like to talk to you!

    Flubit.com was acquired by MonetaryUnit in summer 2018, with the aim to help with mass adoption of cryptocurrency.
    Since then we have done huge amounts of work to make the journey for non-crypto shoppers into MUE as simple as possible (with even more work ongoing).

    If you'd like to help support us with this ground-breaking work, then please read on. We are looking to have any preliminary talks with interested parties before March 31st 2019, and further potential discussions from April onwards
    Should you know someone who is interested, a referral incentive is available

    More details at the following link, thank you.


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  • BizzyB

    We're offering 2500 MUE to the winner of our design competition.

    Do you want to design our 2019 theme for the MUE desktop wallet?

    The winning design will be implemented into our official desktop wallets for 2019.

    An example is here; (png file 1513x952)

    All entries will be entered into a community poll to decide the winner.

    Good luck and thank you

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    Dear MUE community, we have suffered a huge attack on the network.
    It appears to have been a kind of replay/re-organisation attack POW coins have been victim of in recent months and that was able to obtain MUE in the millions.

    We have decided on immediate action/resolution.
    As per the community vote some weeks back in which 57% voted for a move to a POS (proof of stake) coin with MasterNodes & budgets, that is exactly what we are going to do.

    We will perform a coin swap 1:1 for all transactions up to and including block 833658

    This is the last block that was accepted for deposits/withdrawals with Bittrex & also means the attacker will get NOTHING as the attacks happened after this block.

    The move to POS was something the team were looking at doing at some point, this has just aided our decision to make this happen sooner.

    We ask you, please DO NOT move your coins or mine.

    We sincerely apologise for this attack, we thank you for your support, and we will continue to do our absolute best for this project and its community.

    Team MUE

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  • BizzyB

    Final burn has been completed.

    All pre-mine has been distributed for swaps or burnt.

    Staged burn is now complete.

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  • BizzyB

    6,000,000 coins burnt

    The remaining 5.9 million will be burnt over the next 7-10 days

    This is the burn wallet address


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    Anyone know how to get the emojis working?
    Thank you

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    Due to the coin swap of June 2017, the new X11 coin was required to have a pre-mine to allow for up to 100% of old MUE quark to be swapped like for like.

    You can see the pre-mine here in block 1 (125 million).

    We intentionally over estimated the pre-mine to give us plenty of time to carry out the stage 1 swap.

    As it turned out, that over estimate was 5 million MUE.

    As stage 2 of the swap is well under way it seems like a good time to gradually roll out the pre-mine burn, with this initial 5 million that we already know will not be allocated to any swap claims.

    We will provide details of the burn in due course, including the address to which the 5 million MUE will be sent (which will be a provably un-retrievable address).

    The plan as we wind down the stage 2 swap over the next 6-8 weeks will be to continue a staged burn of any remaining pre-mine in a scheduled and announced manner so as to cause minimum impact of coin price and market cap.

    More details to follow about the initial burn of the first 5 million MUE.

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  • BizzyB

    We're extremely happy & excited to be working with the Muonium team.

    We believe there are huge mutually beneficial benefits for both projects, and we look forward to supporting & collaborating with them long into the future.

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