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    I am asking for your continued support for Cycle #3 for the proposal detailed below.

    Please take some time to go through the specifics of the proposal.

    As always, many thanks for your support.

    This is a proposal to provide a stable and reliable masternode monitoring service to all MUE masternode owners, as well as provide real-time statistics on the MUE blockchain to the MUE community in general.

    The Problem

    Masternodes, regardless of what blockchain they belong to, can and will go offline, or lose connectivity with the rest of the network from time to time. A masternode stands to miss out on a payment or more if it stays offline for longer than a certain period, and in many cases, an action may have to be taken by the masternode owner or node hosting operator to fix whatever the issue might be and get that node back to an enabled state. This can only happen of course, if the masternode owner or host operator is aware, as close to real-time as possible and through as convenient a means as possible, of the status of their node.

    Members of the MUE community want to stay informed on general and specific details about the MUE blockchain as well as MUE market prices and trading volumes. Many people today must go to the consoles of their various computers to query the blockchain, or try to aggregate MUE market data from different exchanges.

    The Solution

    MUEStats.online (https://www.muestats.online) is a website that provides solutions to the issues highlighted above. The site provides MUE masternode owners with real-time statistics on their masternode, as well as monitoring of their nodes. The site offers:

    • Real-time blockchain and network data
    • Masternode health/status
    • Easy and convenient tracking of proposals, as well as tools to both prepare and submit proposals
    • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if a monitored masternode goes into an EXPIRED or REMOVED state
    • Monitoring - Notifications sent out by email if a monitored masternode receives a payment
    • Masternode payment calculations, estimates, and payment wait periods

    The Proposal

    MUEStats.online is currently up and running, and I invite all MUE masternode owners to stop by at https://www.muestats.online and give it a try - register your masternodes and use the MyNodes feature, and of course, test the monitoring feature.

    I have created this proposal to seek funding from the MUE community to cover some of the cost incurred in creating, supporting and maintaining this service.

    By this proposal, I am committing to keeping the service up, and providing support and maintenance for the next 12 months - including considering and adding reasonable features requested by the MUE community where possible and where compatible with the existing service.

    What I am asking for

    To deliver the above, I am asking for the following:

    Total Proposal Value (covering 12 months): 372,000 MUE

    In line with the MUE governance guidelines on proposals by third-party developers, I will be splitting the total proposal amount into 24 parts, and will put in a proposal for 15,500 MUE per proposal cycle (each governance cycle lasts 14 days).

    12,000 MUE of the total proposal value (above) will go towards paying the network fees for all 24 proposals – 500 MUE per proposal. I am asking for the rest of the total proposal value (360,000 MUE) to cover some or all the following, over the period of 12 months:

    • Initial coding effort
    • Continuous development and maintenance of MUEStats.online
    • Cost of virtual private server hosting
    • Maintenance of databases and email systems

    Why Vote Yes

    There are certainly other services that provide masternode monitoring services out there. However, MUEStats.online is a dedicated site solely committed to MUE and its growing community. Because of this singleness of focus, you can be sure that the site will place the utmost emphasis on providing quality monitoring services, without the distraction of having to provide the same services for other cryptocurrencies. The MyNodes section of the site is always filtered to provide information specific to their masternodes.

    Additionally, MUEStats.online provides the community with governance and proposal statistics on the MUE blockchain - something that not many other such monitoring site currently provide. Proposers as well as the general community can keep track of the progress of proposals within the governance system, without having to go into their wallets each time to get data about passing or failing proposals, or indeed about any proposal at all. The site provides easy tools to assist masternode owners with voting on proposals, as well as preparing and submitting proposals of their own.

    For example, you do not need to remember the exact command line to type in your local wallet to vote - at MUEStats.online, all you need to do is click to copy the vote command for any proposal and paste in your wallet. Likewise, you can click and copy the commands to prepare or submit a proposal - and simply paste in your local wallet.

    I encourage you to stop by at the governance to have a look at current proposal data.

    MUEStats.online has a unique style - data is presented to the user in a very clear, bold style taking advantage of a 'Dashboard' system on every page. The result is the ability to provide users with easy to read (and understand) data across the site.

    Who am I?

    I am a blockchain enthusiast. I am an old-school developer who spends the boring part of each workday sweating it out as a Robotic Process Automation Developer (Blue Prism), and the remaining hours enjoying family and … bots.

    I look forward to your support. Thank you.

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