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    Master's theses are on everyone's lips. This concept is both obvious and incomprehensible. Students really get into the essence only when they are directly faced with the writing process. There are a lot of pitfalls, which you can avoid with the company. This is not a standard scientific work, but it is still not as high as that of a dissertation for a scientific degree. What to write and how to prepare the study of future masters? Let's figure it out.

    What is a master's work?

    A master's thesis, which can also be called a dissertation, is the study of something significant for science and practice, associated with solving problems of the scientific and applied category. The master's final qualifying work is subject to protection in order to obtain a diploma of graduation from a higher educational institution. The content of the future master's scientific work includes the following blocks:

    • formulated scientific and applied problems, outlined subject and object, justified goals of the master's work;
    • analyzed state of the level of coverage and development of problems in reality, both in domestic and foreign literature;
    • analyzed and summarized factual material used in the research;
    • the stated results obtained with an assessment of their scientific significance;

    These blocks in their meaning reflect the structure of the master's work. Its main part is represented by the introduction, chapters, conclusion, bibliography. The structure always contains a title page, plan-content. To improve the structure of your paper, it might be necessary to get help from https://www.paytowritepaper.com/research-paper/ for your paper. If necessary, a list of abbreviations and abbreviations used is compiled. Applications are being made out. Also, the master's thesis is always accompanied by tasks for its execution and the abstract of the thesis in the English versions. The results of the master's thesis are published in at least two works.

    What are the requirements for a master's work?

    The main rule-making document, in accordance with which the master's research work should be formalized. The first condition is the structure of the thesis and the sequence of the arrangement of chapters and blocks. We wrote about this above. Computer technology is used for printing. The days when it was necessary to use only the typewritten method are over. Now dissertation candidates apply to writing companies publishing houses or printing houses, and there they print out the required version. Print options:

    • standard A4 pages. Exceptions are tables, scale diagrams, they can be printed on A3 sheets;
    • margins - two cm each, except for the right one - 1 cm. However, these are conditional parameters, and the size of the margins on the page will depend on the selected binding (the final size is recommended to be agreed with the printing house);
    • font TimesNewRoman, 14, with one and a half spacing, black, with uniform density;
    • font size for names - similar, but capital letters and alignment in the middle;

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