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    Project Muonium

    To expand products and services MUE has opted to start supporting crowd-fund projects that we feel will assist people worldwide along with having special benefits for MUE subscribers in the future of the project development. The reasoning behind this is the age-old question for various Cryptocoins is what can I do with it that I can’t get elsewhere. There is no quick way to switch everything across in a day however we feel that over time once we have a series of projects that are MUE friendly we will be able to slowly break the bridge needed for the average user.

    The first backed project is Muonium, an encrypted, open-source and democratic cloud storage facility. This was chosen as our first project as it is like MUE in various ways. The developers are a collaborative group of knowledgeable people spread across the world. They are willing to change and expand their project in accordance to a majority choice and not just their views. Lastly, which I feel is important, I will happily sit and have a beer with them one day.

    The campaign is still in its early stages and will be backed by MUE. Once the project is underway we hope to continue a working relationship with them in order for our projects to become larger and more versatile for everyone. So, head to the link provided and have a review and if it’s something that you feel will benefit yourself the join in and back the project. Join us in creating a world of privacy of information and the expansion of the MUE projects list.

    For more information please feel free to visit either their website or their Kickstarter Campaign

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