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    1. INCREASED EXPOSURE: As facebook has a huge number of users it would directly help you to get traffic to your website. It even helps you to find better clients as compared to other social media platforms.

    2. GROW BRAND AWARENESS: Facebook offers more alternative measures to reach out to the audience. Sponsored posts help to reach out to a large number of people and which directly generates brand awareness and creates traffic on your website.

    3. REACH TO TARGETED AUDIENCE: Sponsered Advertisement helps us to target a large number of audiences and that to potential customers. You can target audiences within a small radius and you will be able to create and generate huge traffic to your website.

    4. PROVIDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Facebook helps in providing faster and satisfactory customer support. Through this solving queries and problems becomes easier. B-Webdesign is a website design and development company in Mumbai , who helps you to create facebook page and also help increase social traffic.This increases the level of satisfaction of the customer and can help in developing personal relationships with them.

    5. RAISING AWARENESS: Liking and sharing are excellent tools for a business in achieving multi-level marketing. This means that once the page is liked, people will receive updates made by the business and even their friends will be able to see the page.

    We at B-Webdesign are professional website design company in Mumbai, we also cater into digital marketing services like Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing.

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    1) Don’t criticize or complain about people.
    The surest way to demotivate people is to constantly criticize them or complain about them. If they make a mistake, put it in perspective with the things they constantly do well. Accentuate the positive and utilize mistakes as opportunities for continued improvement.

    2) Praise improvement, even minor improvements.
    Psychologists discovered long ago that when you positively reinforce a desired behavior, people are far more likely to repeat that behavior. Most people want to do the right thing, which means you will find far more success in leading a team if you focus on using positive reinforcement rather than negative actions like threats and fear tactics.

    3) Give honest and sincere praise and appreciation.
    All people deeply desire significance. One of the easiest ways you can help fulfill desire that is by offering honest and sincere praise and appreciation whenever possible. This is probably one of the greatest motivational methods you can ever employ. We are a placement agency in Mumbai which provides jobs in to companies which has good culture and where you also increase your leadership qualities.

    4) Encourage other people to talk and be a good active listener.
    People want to be heard, really heard, and not patronized. Oftentimes, instead of listening to someone in a conversation, people are really just waiting for an opportunity to speak. If this is an area where you struggle, one trick is to say “What I understand you’re saying is…” By repeating what you understand the other person to be saying, it forces you to really listen to what they are saying. And as a side benefit, it reinforces to the speaker that you truly are listening to them and respect what they have to say.

    5) Be genuinely interested in other people and make them feel important.
    Everyone’s favorite primary subject is themselves, its human nature. Social media at large and the “selfie” testify to this fact. Nobody likes to feel ignored and unappreciated.

    6) Be sensitive to people’s pride and let them save face.
    The simple fact is that all people are prideful creatures. If you call them out on being wrong about something and make them look bad in front of others, they’ll fight you to the bitter end. But if you can offer criticism or disagreement in a manner that allows them to save face, they’ll be much more willing to cooperate and work with you.

    1. Be respectful of other people’s ideas and opinions. Try to see things from their point of view.
      When you try to understand another person’s point of view you may find that you learn something. But even if you don’t, you will still find it much easier to respect the people with whom you disagree.

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    1. Extensive keyword Research
    Keyword research is one of the most important element in SEO. If there is lack of quality in keyword research, then you won’t be able to get the customers you are targeting. We can use various tools like Google AdWords , Keyword Planner, Google Trends.

    2. On Site Optimization
    In this step it makes the content easily available to the customers . We should mainly focus on various factors such as URLs , tags, headings , sitemaps, image optimisation , etc.

    3. Website Loading Time
    This is one of the most important factor in an E-Commerce website. In this you would require expert company like website design and development company in Mumbai which can ,help you in reducing the load time improves the speed and user experience. This directly reduces the bounce rate. If the loading time is reduced then , the number of customers will directly increase which will increase the revenue of the company.

    4. Removal Of Duplicate Content
    Removing duplicate content is an important factor, because sometimes there are multiple URLs are generated and Google is confused which one should Google rank. Even we can use canonical tags which help in detecting this factor.

    5. Establish Multiple Source of Traffic
    Only On-Page SEO does not work . It mainly takes time to generate results, so we need to take efforts and generate traffic to the website through various factors such as Blogs, Guest Blogging , Social Media Marketing, etc.

    6. Domain Authority
    The experts of website design company in Mumbai, can help in increasing Domain Authority. There are multiple ways to improve the ranking such as On-page optimisation, number of links created on Site with high Domain Authority.

    7. Optimisation of Social Media Resources
    This helps in building users at a faster rate. In today’s world people are mainly tech savy, and you will be able to establish you links at a faster rate. You can create your account on site like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Pintrest.

    B-Webdesign is a website development and digital marketing comapny and deals with all types of SEO optimisation.

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    B-Webdesign is a Website and software Designing - Development offers Dynamic Website Designing services to the clients and let them enjoy the benefit to reach the prospective consumer in a much easier and effective way. With a challenging set up of proficient designers, we are the best web development companies in Mumbai.

    • Decreasing image size
      If we increase the image size and all the images are in MB. So it would become difficult for the servers to react at a faster rate. And this would decrease the page speed.
      So to reduce the page speed, we can keep the images in JPG format, instead of PNG format.
      With the help of special tools, we can keep the quality of image high.

    *** Caching****
    This allows to store the received data from the server in the browser for some time. This method allows not taking data from the server and fills the data automatically. This practice allows to reduce the server load and increases the page speed.

    • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
      By optimizing your code, like you can remove unnecessary characters(removing space, comma).We should also remove the unused code. This will directly help you to increase the page speed.

    • Reduce redirects****
      Each time a page is redirected it faces an extra loading time. This should be reduced and it will drastically improve the page speed.
    • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
      Browsers have to build a DOM tree by parsing HTML before they can render a page. If your browser encounters a script during this process, it has to stop and execute it before it can continue.
    • Improve server response time
      The server response time is affected by the amount of traffic the website faces, number of pages used by the website, server used by the website and the hosting solution used by the website. So if we optimize all these well, our website speed is definitely going to improve.
    • Use a content distribution network
      Content distribution networks (CDNs), also called content delivery networks, are networks of servers that are used to distribute the load of delivering content. Essentially, copies of your site are stored at multiple, geographically diverse data centers so that users have faster and more reliable access to your site.

    We are also one of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai, which offers services like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing.

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