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    It isn’t surprising to know that marketing jobs in India are consistently increasing. Numerous companies are expanding their business in different parts of the country. jobinconsultancy also helps candidate find job in a reputed company. To advertise it, they need professional marketing consultants and executives who can work for them. In the present-day era, the term marketing isn’t about making calls and promoting the product in order to sell it. There’s a lot more than people think. Making a career in marketing is not a tough job.

    There are different roles in this vast industry and the ones fit for the role are provided an opportunity. Previously, job titles like SEO consultant, SMO consultant, email marketer etc., didn’t exist for people. They just knew about the telecalling department portrayed as a team of hard workers making calls throughout the day. Times have changed and so the scenario of marketing. Today, there’s a huge scope for all those who want to make a career in marketing, whether digital or traditional. So in this era payroll management companies in mumbai can also help both candidate as well as company to find the right candidate for them. Here’s how.

    • Sales Department
    The sales department is the most common field as it provides an opportunity to engage directly with the client. It deals in facilitating clients by providing them with the solution they need by making the best use of skills a person has developed as a part of the marketing major. The sales department is a natural fit for all individuals that enjoy an extrovert client-facing role.

    • Product Management Department
    A major possible career in the field of marketing is product management. This department is responsible for managing the record of a particular product that is utilized in the key areas for development & marketing. Individuals who work as a product manager are responsible for creating the roadmap, designing marketing strategies, and forecasting the possible outcomes.

    • Consulting Department
    Consulting department is the abode of think tanks that assist in identifying & tackling the marketing challenges. Not only this, but a recruitment firm and that too in the marketing industry lends, a helping hand for designing and executive the right strategy for flourishing the business.

    The departments listed above work in sync for producing the best result for a company/brand. Their work is interconnected with the fields of digital and traditional marketing, HR recruiters also work for free job consultancy in mumbai for freshers which is further bifurcated into departments like advertising, public relations, brand management, e-commerce marketing, SEO marketing, social media marketing, and others. In a nutshell, a gamut of these departments plays a key role in promoting a brand among its consumers.

    • Promotions in Marketing Jobs
    Let’s debunk a myth that states there are no promotions in the field of marketing. Apart from incentives and other perks, promotion is offered to talented team-mates whose extraordinary performance made him/her stand out from the rest. In every department of marketing, employees get a promotion on the basis of their performance. In short all the best placement agencies in mumbai have a promotion area based on the performance. Marketing jobs in India offer promotions like a senior marketing consultant, marketing management, assistant marketing manager, marketing director (department wise), public relation assistant manager, public relation manager, telemarketing manager, telemarketing assistant manager etc.

    • A Career in Marketing Can Take You To Different Directions
    Marketing jobs can lead to different fields that will help you to gain better exposure. In order to be a successful marketer, it is your call how you would understand the requirement and preference of the target customers. One can accomplish a lot in the field of marketing, whether digital or traditional, after understanding the key concepts and grasping the requirement of targeted consumers.

    Making a career in marketing is not tough for anyone. There are many best recruitment consultancy which can help you to make a successful career in Marketing field. You can effortlessly make a stable career in marketing if you possess the right skill set and confidence to pave your path in this evolving industry.

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    AMP is an open source framework developed by Google in collaboration with Twitter. Accelerated Mobile Pages create better, faster experiences on the mobile web. web designing in mumbai provides its clients with AMP Acceletated Pages. At its core, the framework allows you to build lightweight experiences for mobile by simplifying the HTML and following streamlined CSS rules.

    AMP was originally considered to be developed in response to Facebook’s Instant Articles. However, over the years, it has become a powerful platform for delivering content directly from search results at almost lightening speed. Earlier this year, Google drew a line in the sand with the announcement that it will push for adding AMP technology framework to web standards.

    So, should I use AMP for my website?

    In the few years since AMP was launched, it is generally accepted that media sites do well on AMP. Since the majority of content on media sites is static, these websites have seen significant boosts in organic search traffic. More over many web design agency in mumbai suggests their client to use AMP Pages for faster and better experience on web. In addition, Google has also made it simple for publishers to make their content stand out with Rich Cards. For eCommerce websites with content that is heavily dynamic and changing based on user selections (think filtering, sorting, adding to cart, and more dynamic user actions), the jury is out on the how much AMP can boost performance on mobile. Also the truth is that website development insists the client to use AMP. All SEO and mobile performance enthusiasts seem to agree that a well-implemented AMP website will:

    • Significantly increase the volume of organic search traffic.
    • Increase engagement and conversion resulting from faster, better mobile experiences.
    • Reduce the load on your servers since AMP CDN caches and responds to most search results.
    • Provide an opportunity for your content to be featured prominently in AMP carousel on mobile search results.

    How does AMP work?

    • AMP HTML: Think of AMP HTML as a leaner version of regular HTML. The AMP framework has strict rules for the HTML tags you can use. To ensure fast page load, certain HTML elements like forms are not allowed on AMP. AMP framework also requires that you use a streamlined version of CSS.

    • AMP JS: To ensure fast page load on mobile platforms, AMP restricts the use of any Javascript. The only exception is for AMP scripts, which are optimized with page load acceleration in mind. website design in mumbai provides with better examples and thihgs to the client.What AMP takes away with JS, it provides with a library of easy-to-implement components. You can create animations, load content dynamically, modify layout, and more using AMP’s vast component library.

    • AMP CDN : Commonly known as AMP Cache, a critical component of AMP platform is its proxy-based content delivery network (CDN). The CDN fetches AMP content and caches it for fast delivery. By default, the AMP CDN caches all valid AMP content and does not provide an option to opt out. However, you can continue leveraging your own CND provider on top of AMP cache to customize your content delivery configurations.

    We at B-Webdesign which is also a web designing agency in mumbai and provides the best website design and development services in Mumbai.

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    The graduation days are over and after passing from the college the most important question which comes to your mind is –“How can I get a job“? The blog created by mumbai placement agency will help you to create a mind set about how to start and from where.

    1. Do a great research about the company
      If you are going for an interview in a company ? You need to know about the company profile and have a detailed information about the company. Make a little efforts about the company in the internet which will help you to understand their offered services and if you fit into it. It will have a positive impact in to your profile.

    2. Give a proper introduction
      A good intro can help the recruiters know more about your profile. So remember that to prepare a good self intro you need to have a good focus. We are a free placement consultancy in mumbai which help you to create your strengths,help to het jobs in reputed company and grab a dignified job.

    3. Know your resume well
      You should have a better knowledge about your profile and your resume. You can get the help of other experienced person in the field to prepare a good resume . You can use points and bullets which can help to to create a crisp resume. And you should never forget to highlight the important skills you have for the suitable job.

    4 Show your uniqueness
    Since you are a fresher and have no prior experience of working in any company, the recruiter has many options to get an idea of your strengths. We are placement near me which will help you to know your strengths. So you need to be different from other candidates so that the interviewer choose you for the job. You just need to be confident, positive and focused on your work.

    1. Prepare well for the interview – before and after
      Various questionnaires is available online which is dedicated to a specific field and for a specific role. Before going for the interview, you must go through the questions from the internet and prepare the answers yourself. Even if you get rejected in the first round, you must not be disappointed. Job placement near me can help you to get a job that too in reputed company.

    2. Utilize the job boards
      Searching for the interviews and that too for a fresher is a hard task. And this is the place where best job placement in mumbai can come into picture and help candidates. You can also submit your resume on various job portals which will increase the visibility online. This way you can get a list of jobs which you prefers in a quick manner.

    We at Placement Mumbai which is considered as on of the best job placement in mumbai which offers jobs to fresher as well as experienced candidates. We also prepare you to create a good resume and help you to crack the interview.

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    A well-designed business is crucial for any business. An attractive website is capable of drawing leads to the website and helping them into customers. We living in an age where website development cannot be ignored. It has designing, development, content writing, Social Media Marketing, PPC and Search Engine Optimisation. Here are some of the reasons why website designing services cannot be ignored.

    •Promote the business – These days people visit the website and then come to your company personally. If a company has a bigger business then it has its terms and conditions while a smaller business depends on outside sources for business development. A website is a perfect place to display your products to your customers.

    •Connect to customers 24/7 – A business requires a website so that it can connect to its customers at all times of day and night. Much businesses are open only for a few hours a day, but if we have a website clients can connect us 24/7. This can also increase the scope of the business and its reach.

    •Enhance brand knowledge –Having a website plays a great role in increasing brand awareness among its customers. It has all the information which the customer needs about the product. This helps to create trust and generate more traffic. A web design and development mumbai can help a business increase your visibility in the market.

    •Competitive edge – Having a website will instantly have an edge over its competitors. You can reach out to a large number of customers and the reach of your business is enhanced greatly.

    •It offers Uniqueness- Hiring a website design companies in Mumbai will help you and support you to create uniqueness and also offers a global exposure which is required for your business. The capability if a best web designing company mumbai would help you to boost your business.

    •Enable Online Marketing- This is possible only if you have your website. At B-Webdesign we are the best website design company mumbai which will help you boost your company business.

    The competition is very high in this digital world professional web design and development firm mumbai india can help the website get top rank in Google search engines. The company is well equipped to optimize your site and make sure that it ranks on the first page of various search engines.

    First impressions indeed last for a long time and a well-designed website can go a long way towards helping make a great first impression. You may want to design the website yourself, but the professionalism with which web development needs to be handled can only be offered by a company that is well experienced in providing web development services. Well established and reputed website developers in Mumbai make sure to use only the latest techniques, have great staff on board ad provide the best competitive edge to your business.

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    1. Keep your website platform and software up to date :
      • If our website and the software are not checked properly it can allow intruders and malware to take advantage of the site.
      • Whenever we get an update check it and install it immediately.
      • Even the site certificate should be kept up to date. This won’t affect the website performance but help the website to show up in the search engine.
    2. Use security plugins :
      • Just as we protect our Laptop from malware and virus, we require a security plugin to protect our website. For this, we require security plugins.
      • Sucuri Firewall is a good paid option, and there are free firewall plugins available in the market.
    3. Install SSL Certificate :
      • An SSL Certificate ensures that the website is secure and can transfer data securely from the server to the person’s browser.
      • You have various SSL options available in the market. Domain validation, business validation, and extended validation. Out of these three business validation and extended validation is a must by Google to receive a green “SECURE” signal to the website.
      • We at B-Webdesign Mumbai, which is also the best website design agency in Mumbai helps you to get an SSL Certificate .
    4. Use HTTPS Encryption :
      • Once you have installed SSL Certificate your website qualifies for HTTPS Encryption.
      • An HTTPS certificate should be renewed every year.
    5. Create Secure Passwords :
      • Only setting a unique password is not enough, you need to come up with passwords that are not used anywhere and store them outside the website directory so that it is not easily available to the hacker easily.
      • For Example, you should use a 16- digit jumbled number and letters as a password. You should store the password in an offline file on a different computer or hard drive.
    6. Hide Your Admin Folders :
      • We have various options to hide the admin folders. One of the best options is re-naming the folder to some boring name such as FOLDER-1, FOLDER-2, etc. This becomes difficult for the hacker to locate the file and hack the website. And even your website is secured.
    7. Keep Error Massage Simple :
      • If our error message gives away any information, then the hackers can get information about the root directory. And through this, they can exploit the website and add virus into it.
      • So instead of giving away many details, we should just keep it simple and should write 404 errors or the site is unreachable.
    8. Always Hash Password :
      • If we store passwords on our website make sure that it is stored in HASH format. This format makes sure that the hacker is not able to locate where and what is the password.
      • If the password is stored in plain text format then the hackers can easily locate is and misuse the password.
      B-Webdesign Mumbai is also considered as one of the best website design company in Mumbai which offers dynamic website designs according to the clients requirement.

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    1. INCREASED EXPOSURE: As facebook has a huge number of users it would directly help you to get traffic to your website. It even helps you to find better clients as compared to other social media platforms.

    2. GROW BRAND AWARENESS: Facebook offers more alternative measures to reach out to the audience. Sponsored posts help to reach out to a large number of people and which directly generates brand awareness and creates traffic on your website.

    3. REACH TO TARGETED AUDIENCE: Sponsered Advertisement helps us to target a large number of audiences and that to potential customers. You can target audiences within a small radius and you will be able to create and generate huge traffic to your website.

    4. PROVIDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Facebook helps in providing faster and satisfactory customer support. Through this solving queries and problems becomes easier. B-Webdesign is a website design and development company in Mumbai , who helps you to create facebook page and also help increase social traffic.This increases the level of satisfaction of the customer and can help in developing personal relationships with them.

    5. RAISING AWARENESS: Liking and sharing are excellent tools for a business in achieving multi-level marketing. This means that once the page is liked, people will receive updates made by the business and even their friends will be able to see the page.

    We at B-Webdesign are professional website design company in Mumbai, we also cater into digital marketing services like Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing.

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    1) Don’t criticize or complain about people.
    The surest way to demotivate people is to constantly criticize them or complain about them. If they make a mistake, put it in perspective with the things they constantly do well. Accentuate the positive and utilize mistakes as opportunities for continued improvement.

    2) Praise improvement, even minor improvements.
    Psychologists discovered long ago that when you positively reinforce a desired behavior, people are far more likely to repeat that behavior. Most people want to do the right thing, which means you will find far more success in leading a team if you focus on using positive reinforcement rather than negative actions like threats and fear tactics.

    3) Give honest and sincere praise and appreciation.
    All people deeply desire significance. One of the easiest ways you can help fulfill desire that is by offering honest and sincere praise and appreciation whenever possible. This is probably one of the greatest motivational methods you can ever employ. We are a placement agency in Mumbai which provides jobs in to companies which has good culture and where you also increase your leadership qualities.

    4) Encourage other people to talk and be a good active listener.
    People want to be heard, really heard, and not patronized. Oftentimes, instead of listening to someone in a conversation, people are really just waiting for an opportunity to speak. If this is an area where you struggle, one trick is to say “What I understand you’re saying is…” By repeating what you understand the other person to be saying, it forces you to really listen to what they are saying. And as a side benefit, it reinforces to the speaker that you truly are listening to them and respect what they have to say.

    5) Be genuinely interested in other people and make them feel important.
    Everyone’s favorite primary subject is themselves, its human nature. Social media at large and the “selfie” testify to this fact. Nobody likes to feel ignored and unappreciated.

    6) Be sensitive to people’s pride and let them save face.
    The simple fact is that all people are prideful creatures. If you call them out on being wrong about something and make them look bad in front of others, they’ll fight you to the bitter end. But if you can offer criticism or disagreement in a manner that allows them to save face, they’ll be much more willing to cooperate and work with you.

    1. Be respectful of other people’s ideas and opinions. Try to see things from their point of view.
      When you try to understand another person’s point of view you may find that you learn something. But even if you don’t, you will still find it much easier to respect the people with whom you disagree.

    Placement Mumbai is a fastest growing placement agency in Mumbai. It’s rated as one of the most Credible & Reliable Placement agency in Mumbai. At our selection process we ensure that each candidate is suitable to our employers’ prospective needs.

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    1. Extensive keyword Research
    Keyword research is one of the most important element in SEO. If there is lack of quality in keyword research, then you won’t be able to get the customers you are targeting. We can use various tools like Google AdWords , Keyword Planner, Google Trends.

    2. On Site Optimization
    In this step it makes the content easily available to the customers . We should mainly focus on various factors such as URLs , tags, headings , sitemaps, image optimisation , etc.

    3. Website Loading Time
    This is one of the most important factor in an E-Commerce website. In this you would require expert company like website design and development company in Mumbai which can ,help you in reducing the load time improves the speed and user experience. This directly reduces the bounce rate. If the loading time is reduced then , the number of customers will directly increase which will increase the revenue of the company.

    4. Removal Of Duplicate Content
    Removing duplicate content is an important factor, because sometimes there are multiple URLs are generated and Google is confused which one should Google rank. Even we can use canonical tags which help in detecting this factor.

    5. Establish Multiple Source of Traffic
    Only On-Page SEO does not work . It mainly takes time to generate results, so we need to take efforts and generate traffic to the website through various factors such as Blogs, Guest Blogging , Social Media Marketing, etc.

    6. Domain Authority
    The experts of website design company in Mumbai, can help in increasing Domain Authority. There are multiple ways to improve the ranking such as On-page optimisation, number of links created on Site with high Domain Authority.

    7. Optimisation of Social Media Resources
    This helps in building users at a faster rate. In today’s world people are mainly tech savy, and you will be able to establish you links at a faster rate. You can create your account on site like Facebook, Twitter , Instagram, Pintrest.

    B-Webdesign is a website development and digital marketing comapny and deals with all types of SEO optimisation.

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    B-Webdesign is a Website and software Designing - Development offers Dynamic Website Designing services to the clients and let them enjoy the benefit to reach the prospective consumer in a much easier and effective way. With a challenging set up of proficient designers, we are the best web development companies in Mumbai.

    • Decreasing image size
      If we increase the image size and all the images are in MB. So it would become difficult for the servers to react at a faster rate. And this would decrease the page speed.
      So to reduce the page speed, we can keep the images in JPG format, instead of PNG format.
      With the help of special tools, we can keep the quality of image high.

    *** Caching****
    This allows to store the received data from the server in the browser for some time. This method allows not taking data from the server and fills the data automatically. This practice allows to reduce the server load and increases the page speed.

    • Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML
      By optimizing your code, like you can remove unnecessary characters(removing space, comma).We should also remove the unused code. This will directly help you to increase the page speed.

    • Reduce redirects****
      Each time a page is redirected it faces an extra loading time. This should be reduced and it will drastically improve the page speed.
    • Remove render-blocking JavaScript
      Browsers have to build a DOM tree by parsing HTML before they can render a page. If your browser encounters a script during this process, it has to stop and execute it before it can continue.
    • Improve server response time
      The server response time is affected by the amount of traffic the website faces, number of pages used by the website, server used by the website and the hosting solution used by the website. So if we optimize all these well, our website speed is definitely going to improve.
    • Use a content distribution network
      Content distribution networks (CDNs), also called content delivery networks, are networks of servers that are used to distribute the load of delivering content. Essentially, copies of your site are stored at multiple, geographically diverse data centers so that users have faster and more reliable access to your site.

    We are also one of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai, which offers services like Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing.

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